At 3:30am this morning (and yes, I know that’s redundant), I awoke to a brain that was writing a script. Actually it was re-re-writing one. I laid there until 5:45am … in the morning 😇 … working on the same project, never falling back again into slumber. And as I sit here at 8am (OK, I’ll end the joke here) I’m wondering why I ever decided to let this particular dog out of his kennel.

This is not the first time this has happened. But I do know why. You see yesterday was an enormously creative day for me. I created a video for the Break Free! channel that was pretty damn fun to make. In the span of just three hours I filmed, edited, released, and marketed this beauty. I was quite overjoyed. So I then decided to make a channel trailer for A Creators Journey, my second YouTube channel, while I had the juices flowing. And in the space of an hour, it too was done and out into the wild.

But that wasn’t all! I may have had a few adult beverages with dinner and thus got a wild idea. The goal of my second channel is to share my experiences (in real time), growing myself as a YouTuber. And part of that is analyzing and reporting on the advice given by the great and powerful ‘YouTube Gurus’.

So I sent out these tweets:

OK .. (taptap, this thing on?) .. in true UFC fashion I’m calling out The Content Gurus. I’m holding you accountable for your advice. And showing the world your report card. Starting today! :-

@YouTubeCreators @vidIQ @NickNimmin @seancannell @bfilmbooth

Ah! Forgot to include @Daniel_Batal @derraleves and @SunnyLenarduzzi

… thanks for your kind words and advice, but I’m going to be scoring your performance. From a “Small YouTuber Trying Like Hell” perspective. 🙂

Yea, that was a thing. But here’s the deal … I got responses back from two of them! (Insert Oh Shit Moment here).

At this point I knew it was inadvisable for me to have yet another gin and tonic and try to double-respond, but I also knew that I was going to have to deal with this in the morning. Which also kinda contributed to my having three-and-a-half hours of sleep last night.

Once creativity takes hold, it’s nigh impossible to turn it off. I always hope it’s like caffeine. That if I just stop early enough I’ll sleep like a baby (which is normally my case). But nope, I could wrap up my creative day just after breakfast … and if the creativity was good it just won’t stop. Whatever I’m thinking has to be turned into written words. You see, that’s what was keeping me up. It’s like a song in your head. I have to write it down before it can go silent. Otherwise, I’ll just keep writing it over and over in my noggin endlessly.

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For me, those brain scripts were the next two videos for my second channel, which are now roughed out and blocked. ‘Can’t Stop Checking Your YOUTUBE STUDIO?’ and ‘The FLAW In YouTube’s STATED MISSION Revealed’. Which also means that despite two large Cuban Coffees, I’m now sleepy as hell. But I won’t sleep. Creativity is still afoot!

Here’s the thing … besides scripting those two and writing this blog entry … I’m also going to film one of them today and start the edit. I’ll continue to work the phones (meaning social media) trying to get some additional traction for the enterprise. And tomorrow, despite being can’t-walk-tired tonight, I’ll probably wake up early again because the juices are still a’flowing.

Do I want to turn this off? No. And yes. Perhaps a dimmer switch would be nice. Or at least an emergency red button for those 3:30am in the morning moments. 🙂

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