The Secret Life Of Rick Higgins

I realized one day as of late that I had veered away from my path. That I had become so wrapped up in a thing, in a concept, that I had forgotten what really mattered. It hit me like a ton of bricks and suddenly I knew what had to be done. Take a huge risk and change everything! And I mean EVERYTHING!

Here’s the thought process. I REALLY need to change careers for starters, and I really want to be my own boss. To live a life being creative. I want something that I can do actively and passively for decades to come. And I want it to be online, social media, and YouTube-based. Why that specific? Because a normal life lived is what has troubled me for decades. And I need to break free and finally be me. (Psst, look on the YouTube channel and glance up at the header image. See the words ‘Break Free’? See how I cleverly said the same words here? Clever, right? Hello? Bueller? Sigh.)

Anyway, I’m already kinda doing this. I’ve got a YouTube channel. And while I was hoping for it to have grown by now, it’s apparent that my current niche and specialities aren’t going to do what I need. My top three videos by a wide margin were about Spain. Two about non-lucrative visas and one about culture shock. My next highest videos were product reviews. People want to learn about new things, it seems. That’s where they like to see me.

There is opportunity now, if I’m willing to take the risk. Especially with the world coming out from under covid. I could be an early adopter. Get in on the ground floor, so to speak. And so I’m going to take a year (minimum) sabbatical and live abroad as a nomad, travel endlessly, and create an enterprise around the whole experience. I’m going to pivot not just the YouTube channel, but also my life.

I have more than enough funds to take a year (or more) off of work and do this full-time. Covering both of us. In fact, the frugality of the effort could be a great selling point. Now Nikki is going to have to teach me how to be more frugal, it’s a weakness of mine. But there will also be opportunities (I believe) that will present themselves. A couple of months ago I had submitted an application to AirBnb for their “Live On Us For A Year” contest, but why wait for them to (hopefully) choose me? Perhaps if (ahem … when!) this endeavor takes off, they can sponsor or partly sponsor the effort.

The overall idea is to continue motivating and leading by example in 2021 and then start preparing for the adventure which is scheduled to start next April … which will be to take a full year (or two) off and devote the creative enterprise to living and filming the Expat/Nomad Frugal Life. But it’s actually more than that. It’s about that actual life. Even if I didn’t do the YouTube thing, I would still need to do this. I need to start living the existence that I crave NOW, before circumstances and time limits me.

And with all that … I’ve now got two episodes of The Secret Life Of Rick Higgins in the bag (see below!). I’m pivoting from just teaching about ways to improve and instead I’m going to start living them. Show instead of just tell. I’m also completely changing the way I film videos. Why? Because … and bear with me, I need to make a strange analogy here … one can be a sous chef and be the absolute best reduction sauce maker in the kitchen. That’s me. I’m really good at making the style of videos I make. Takes me no time to film and edit them. But that means I’m stuck as a sous chef making reductions. The idea of moving over to the grill frightens me. I’m not nearly as good over there, but I could be. So I just need to accept the fact that I’ll be a student again for a bit. Which is also a great metaphor for all of our lives. It’s a good thing to stretch ourselves and constantly try new things.

Be happy, be healthy, and we’ll see you soon.

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