The world learned a lot of things during the past (almost) two years. It learned that what harms one can harm all. It learned that not everyone will be completely sane in the face of adversity. And it learned to fear … everything.

When FEAR RULES YOU (Instead Of Guiding You)

Fear is a wonderful emotion. It’s what keeps us safe(ish). From stepping on snakes and hanging around when a saber-toothed tiger is in the vicinity. It keeps off us off dangerous streets at night. But how much fear is too much fear? And is the lack of fear just as bad as too much?

Covid was our most recent teacher, but this is a class we have always be a part of.  How can we use fear to our advantage, instead of allowing it to limit us?


Fear is a wonderful emotion. It’s what keeps us safe. Mostly.  It keeps us from stepping on snakes and hanging around with saber-toothed tigers. But it also keeps us from our dreams.

I want to share my story of fear, and I’ll warn you now … it’s more than a little dark.


Hi, I’m Rick Higgins and … like everyone else … I have fear inside me.  And that fear almost killed me.  Literally, it almost killed me.

So I need to warn you now, that isn’t just a line to capture your attention.  And I’ve thought long and hard about even sharing this story.  It’s very personal.  Very …… well, personal is the only word I can think of.

(CAM-ONE: I see a video sequence of retro families and blue collar workers.  70s looking video, square.  Side by side flipping.  With a VO in the beginning)

QUICK RIFF TO ESTABLISH STORY on bring raised in a barely lower middle class family.  Didn’t know we were struggling, but it was always taught to me to always fight to be financially stable.  To not live the life of my father.  Maybe it was a father-son thing.

Then back to me and a quick recap of my financial and career growth.  It was all I thought of, to never be in that position.  To be a millionaire was all I could think of.  For at that level, I would be safe.

(I then see a video sequence of Dot-Com, especially UUNET/Worldcom, with an explosion).

RIFF on how in the early days of the century, I lost everything.  Be quick, but be distinct about my plan to kill myself in order to support my family.  Because of my fear of financial failure.  <~~ this is the crux of the story, after all.  BUILD up to this revelation.

RIFF on how obviously I didn’t.  But also how that drove me to even larger decisions to never be there again.

(I then see a big screech!  With TODAY somehow emblazoned on the screen.  And then a video sequence of what traditional retirement looks like.  VO.)

(desk again) 

RIFF on traditional retirement and how I’m not quite financially able to go.  Probably never will be, but I’m close enough to be possible.  And so naturally I had to make a decision.  This is QUICK.

(Video sequence side by side.  On the left, safety.  On the right, adventure.) 

DECISION RIFF on making a decision.  Allow fear to keep me on track and never realize a dream I’ve had for decades?  Or throw all financial safety aside and run forward with scissors.  How I chose … and then just hold up a pair of scissors.

FINAL RIFF on how I’ve gone from obsession, allowing fear to literally almost cost me my life, to finally realizing that fear isn’t absolute.  Encourage viewers to look at their own fears and use them, not obey them.


The original blog post was all about the response to covid, but this needs to be something else.  Covid gets us here, but it’s always been here as well.  I like the story of financial, building it and interrupting periodically with visuals until we get to pushing it aside just enough to get by.  But never really leaving it.

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