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Every ‘Couples Travel’ video you’ve ever seen has two happy, romantic, joyful people … hand in hand on the beach … wandering the globe in loving bliss.  But is it really that way?  Always?  

Let’s take a look at the actual reality from a couple who has spent months on end wandering the world, locked together in tiny AirBnbs.

Can you have too much togetherness?  
Is it selfish to want to just be alone sometimes?
Can you become over-reliant on your partner? 
Do you go along for the ride instead of actively participating?
How do you keep the peace and still get what you need?




(music is overly romantic, perhaps French)

(b-roll is couples enjoying travel)

📍  Every ‘Couples Travel’ video you’ve ever seen has two happy, joyful people … hand in hand on the beach … wandering the globe in loving bliss.

But is it really that way?  Really?


Hi, I’m Rick Higgins and … I’m half of a couple.  Which half, I’m not sure yet.  But years of traveling months on end with another human being has taught me a few things.  Some really good and some … maybe not so good.


(too much togetherness)

The biggest downside to couples travel is that … you never stop being a couple.

(music is peppy, happy, 1950s wholesome)

(b-boll of couples having breakfast, going to work, running errands, and finally coming home to a romantic dinner.  All in 1050s square frame glory.  Film projector.)

📍  Back home, each of you probably leaves the house each weekday morning, go to your separate jobs for eight hours or so, and then you come back together to embrace your couple-dom.  Alone time, even if it’s at the office is a large part of your daily lives.  You’re not always joined at the hip.

(screech and music ends suddenly)

And then suddenly … you’re traveling … and you’re never alone.

RIFF: Wherever you are, it’s going to be small.  You’re going to run into and over each other and fight for what’s there.  Storage, bathroom, whatever.  End with …

Every.  Single.  Moment.

But!  There is hope, and it doesn’t involve a divorce lawyer.

RIFF: Talk about my biggest flaw, wanting to do everything together, even when it’s not healthy.  And how alone time can enhance couples travel. Find other words that travel and couples.

📍Look.  Each of you needs to go off on your own periodically.  Completely separate directions.  At least once every few days.  And enjoy the hell out of your alone time.  Make new friends and explore.  And never look back.

RIFF: Talk about coming back together and sharing.  Listening.  Seeing the world through your partner’s experiences.  How maybe it’s a re-do together, but even if not, you still got to experience it.  Stop saying experiences over and over.


(balancing choices and decisions)

(b-roll of couples together, choices if possible.  music is upbeat, but not overly.  v.o. after a few seconds)

Decisions.  At home it’s what’s for dinner.  Abroad it’s … everything.  Where to go, what to do, whether to even do it in the first place.  So how do you keep the peace and still get what you need?

RIFF: Being solo is complete control.  No committees.  Couples travel is harder.  It can be a minefield.  Discuss how choices are made.  We’re lucky that Nikki and I are 9/10 OK … but that one time out of 10?

📍Do you really want to spend your precious travel time arguing instead of experiencing?  Is getting your way more important?  Those hours spent in conflict are not why you’re out there.

RIFF: Tell the tale of the Jazz Club and how my night sucked.  How I made poor choices and for the wrong reasons.


(too reliant?)

(music is upbeat.  series of snapshots of the hike on the walls.  v.o. after a bit, but show the entirety of the hike in photos.  The first three being snap-snap-snap, then slow down to actually see them – to the beat of the music)

A big issue in couples travel is reliance.

RIFF:  How it’s important to share responsibility.  How it’s the same in any relationship.  A single planner limits what is planned.

RIFF:  How resentment can set in when you feel you’re carrying all of the social and event planning load.  When you’re suggesting and the other is deciding.  Just like any relationship, communication is key.  As is sharing responsibilities.


(the good)

(music is fun)

So, is couples travel better or worse than solo travel?  Well, it’s not a contest.

(music ends, punch in)

Seriously, it’s not a contest.  They’re both great.

(music resumes)

RIFF: On my motorcycle travels and how I loved it.

RIFF:  How wandering as a couple doubles the eyes and senses.

FINAL RIFF:  How couples travel can be fraught with danger.  So is just being a couple.  It’s just amplified when you’re pushed together in that tiny hotel room.

Use the power of two to enhance your travels.  To create memories.  Use the power of one to enhance the power of two.

And as far as running hand-in-hand on the beach in slow motion?  Well …. that’s completely up to you.

Be happy, healthy, and we’ll see you soon.

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  1. 📌 https://youtu.be/ce-NUWtb7Fw ⬅ Watch This Next!

    This one took years of personal research to make, and I’ve only just scratched the surface. Yes (spoiler alert) couples travel is wonderful. But there is a balance that is sometimes hard to achieve. And when you forget to seek it? … Couples travel can become not so wonderful. Like everything in life, you just have to remember the little things, so they can improve the bigger ones.

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