Hey Fellow Wanderers, Rick here with yet another weekend recap!

Life has been a whirlwind since last we spoke.  A seriously serious whirlwind.  A smelly one too. For starters … I made my first “Remote Travel Video”!  Yes Dear Viewers, the whole reason behind the channel has finally started! 

We first went to New Orleans for the weekend, and then drove an hour southwest to a place named Houma for the rest of the week.  NOLA for the food and music.  Houma for volunteering after Hurricane Ida.

That New Orleans video is linked below. The making of it also spawned an upcoming video on my Creators Channel … (you do know I have a second channel about my YouTube Journey, don’t you?) … which does a deep postmortem on the whole process.  For as much as I liked making and watching it, there was much to learn from it.

Oh, and I also had a professional consultation from a company called Video Creators telling me how to improve this whole YouTube experience for both you and I.  Nothing like sitting in an non-air-conditioned and sweaty tent talking remotely about the very essence of one’s future, right?

Other than that … I just couldn’t find a way to both do volunteer work and video stuff.  So this has actually been a thin week as far as creation.  But it was needed.  Not the endless bug bites while sleeping in a tent in the Bayou in 9000 degree temps and equal parts humidity … that wasn’t necessarily needed or wanted.  But being there in the moment for others, yea. I’m actually looking forward to bringing you folks some additional insight into what we do as our travels progress.

Actually, I can do that today! One morning I decided to grab my cell phone and make a quick short of “Glamping and Volunteerism”. (Link below). You can just feel that chigger bite, can’t you? LOL! And yea, that one was a serious bleeder.


Videos, Videos, Videos!

The PERFECT Beignet in NEW ORLEANS? (Plus So Much More!)

Disaster Volunteer GLAMPING? #Shorts


Zero-100 – A Creators Journey

Nope, not this week.  Sorry.  I was busy being dinner for starving insects. 😎


Blog Posts!  Woot!

And nope, none of these either.  Just wasn’t enough time.  But fear not, my typing fingers will come up with something for next week, rest assured.


So with that .. as always be happy, healthy, and we’ll see you soon!

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