What’s Hidden In Your World That’s Harming You?

The other day our living room flooded. Not from a burst pipe or even a hurricane. But from the air conditioner. For those not in the HVAC business, A/C units pull moisture out of the air (in addition to cooling it). That moisture adds up and has to go … somewhere. So they put a little outflow pipe on it and safely expel the wet stuff outside. That’s when it works.

Ours didn’t work (obviously). So I cleaned out the pipe and settled back into watching a telenovela on Netflix. And of course the room flooded again. Seems I didn’t think of cleaning the “last mile”. And here’s where it gets kinda gross.

I snaked a garden hose from the outside into the inside, set the nozzle on kill, and pressure pumped that sucker. Nikki was outside watching and I could hear a gasp from her. She thought a snake was being expelled. Scales and all. But it just kept coming and coming. It was white slime. An algae buildup which makes this dense goo. Twas pretty nasty.

So why am I telling you this? Because it was something I had no idea was affecting us. A hidden blockage. Do you get where this analogy is going? 🙂

Once I was settled back, again watching Spaniards fighting love in the 1300’s, I had time to ponder things. There’s nothing like Spanish drama unfolding to put you in an introspective frame of mind. Was there anything happening in my personal life that was slowly building up, clogging the plumbing? It was hard to tell, because hidden things like to stay hidden. Until they pee all over your floor, that is.

And yes indeed, I suspected a few narrowing pipes in my world. I won’t bore you with them, but I know that I’ve been trying for the better part of a decade to redefine my life … and not everything in the past stayed in the past. I’ll bet it’s the same with you as well. Thus the real question becomes … if we can’t see the slime accumulating, how do we keep it from hurting us?

Maintenance, that’s how.

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I’ve ranted and raved over the years about how American Healthcare is geared towards solving problems (for a profit), and rarely does it work at preventing issues before they start. There’s simply no money in that, and we as a country will profit off anything. But we each still have the ability to self-prevent issues and I’m coming to realize that I haven’t been. No fever means you’re healthy, right? And mental health really isn’t health. Except both of those statements are completely incorrect.

Many of us try to improve our diets. Some of us even manage to exercise, more or less on a regular basis. But how many try to prevent emotional and mental pre-issues from becoming issues? And I’m not talking about meditation or spirituality. I’m thinking more along the lines of understanding relationship (and self-relationship) dynamics. Understanding how general life and our choices alter our paths.

And so with this final burst of words, I unfortunately have to leave you with no real suggestions. Other than to take some time and look inside your pipes. For while it’s strangely satisfying to see gobs of slime flush out, it’s not worth the spill inside your living room. (Damn, this analogy is breaking down … just go find out what you’ve been avoiding taking care of, and just take care of it. LOL).

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