I’m a YouTuber. I make videos. And in doing so, I wear many hats.

I’m also trying to grow, and thus I have this love/hate relationship with the “Let’s teach you how to YouTube” crowd. I love their advice, and yet I hate their advice. They oftentimes seem so far removed from being a small YouTuber themselves that they forget that while some things may do wonders for a mega-million subscriber channel, when you have 12 folks signed up to watch your stuff … their advice isn’t always applicable.

So this here is my personal YouTube journey as I try to build my main channel into something with more subscribers than I have fingers and toes. All of the advice I’ve tried, succeeded with, failed because of, and had absolutely no change whatsoever regardless of what was suggested. It’s a journal of my mindset as I try to become a full-time YouTuber and leave my wage-slave-self behind.

There are a ton of advice channels out there, but very few on personal experience taking said advice. I truly hope these videos help someone. I truly hope they help me. LOL!

Having said all that, please subscribe here and on the main channel to follow along.

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