OK, back to YouTube and the journey. 🙂

I have an interesting problem to solve. During the lockdown, I decided to create a studio. And it was a smashing success, as studios go. I have behind me ten studio lights, sound padding, two cameras on tripods, monitors, boom arms, and microphones. All I have to do to make a video is flip a single switch to power everything up, turn on a camera, and start talking. Sure, it took a bit to get everything set up correctly, but now it’s easy-peasy. And I love it!

I also have a rolling cabinet full of extra camera and set gear. Do I need a cable? Drawer one! It’s a literal TV studio with everything I could possibly need, including a writers room. So why does this sound like a problem?

When I start traveling, I’m going to have two cases. A rollaboard and a backpack. Period. Every bit of clothing I own, all of my toiletries and work tools (laptop, etc), the whole enchilada will be in those two containers. And so will my “portable studio”. I have an entire room full of video gear right now. How do I distill that into less than a backpack?

Here’s the fun part, that’s not what’s hard. I’ve managed to pare everything down to the essentials. Literally the minimum that is needed to create quality videos. BUT! And it’s a big but, I no longer have everything preset. And I no longer have guarantees.

I will be using a lot of natural light, which is variable. In the studio, everything is controlled. Same with sound. Same with location. My studio looks professional and nice. Where am I physically going to be in the future? Everything I took for granted in a fixed studio is going to have to be evaluated and handled with each shoot. Location scouting. Light and sound considerations (including how it varies even during a short shooting session). Instead of just turning on a camera and blathering, I’ll need as much (if not more) time to set everything up. And I won’t get to re-do it if I set it up wrong.

Basically this means I have to (re)learn some things. And acquire new skills. I was doing this in my early days down in Key Largo when I had no place to film and it was … not great. But when doing travel-themed offerings, a studio isn’t really the best option. So I need to learn. AND! I need to learn with minimal stuff. I’m going to have one (count em, one!) light. A small LED panel. Instead of ten surrounding me for that perfect look, I’m going to have to use whatever light is available and augment with this “flashlight”. Same with sound. Same with … everything. LOL!

I’m torn between looking forward to learning/polishing and hating the idea. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, and I see every mistake I make. And learning something new means new mistakes. BUT AGAIN! I recently switched video editing programs and hated the ordeal. So much to alter in my workflow. So many opportunities for less than perfect as I transitioned. I put it off for almost a year. But after a couple of videos, I could never go back. I can do so much more now. So I gotta believe that this minimalist creator kit I’m required to use is going to end up the same. With me having improved skills and looking back wishing I had done it earlier.

If anyone is interested, this is the kit:

  • Osmo Action Camera
  • Wide angle lens
  • Tamron telephoto lenses (x2)
  • Olympus camera bodies (x2)
  • Mini power strip and international power adapters
  • Travel tripod, Gorilla pod, Portable light stand
  • Wireless microphone, Camera mounted shotgun mic
  • Camlink and cables (For live streams and interviews)
  • Kit: SD Cards and Readers (Both sizes)
  • Kit: Save a shoot stuff
  • Kit: Batteries and chargers/cables
  • Mini LED panel light

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