I am BEYOND excited to finally reveal a deep secret and to make an announcement, both about myself and the YouTube channel.  We’re going to travel Around The World!  And also back to our beloved Spain.

As many of you know, I lived in Barcelona (and generally scooted around Europe and Northern Africa) both in 2017 and in 2019.  And in May of 2020 I was supposed to have moved there more or less permanently.  Alas, covid.  So I switched my YouTube channel from life as a Wandering Expat to one that has honestly struggled to find itself.  

But no mas!

The plan is to again be in Barcelona in the Spring of 2022, but with a twist.  We’re going to take a circuitous route to get there.  And here’s the best part … I’m taking a sabbatical from my “day job” and will be living YouTube and Nomadic life for a full year!  Yes, I said a year, bouncing around the world!  And I’ll be bringing you along for the ride.

So … what about current programming, you ask?  Well, I’m already trying to be an example of living a more active life after a certain age.  And you can’t live or be more active than this, right?  So I will be continuing exploring how humans work and sharing my stories about diving into post-middle age.  And with no full-time job to interfere, this becomes my full-time job.  Hence more videos, more articles, more interaction and sharing. 

Between now and lift-off, I’ll be bringing you all of the planning details.  The past history.  The fears, frustrations, and excitement.  And to say I have just a little of the latter is a bald-faced lie.  I’M EXCITED AS HELL!  

(I’m also terrified)

So … are you ready to Break Free with me?  The countdown begins!


I envision this as the launch of a grand expedition, worthy of sails of old.  So I see imagery of old colonizations and explorations.  Wandering jungles and ice, looking for what’s out there.  Grand music and energy.  THIS IS THE TALE OF LIFE!  I don’t see this as a long video.  It’s an announcement and a trailer.  Just a few minutes max.

So the hook becomes a little over the top.  “In a world of blah blah blah”, done like I’m a voice over actor, which blasts into what is unmistakably a movie trailer.  (Meaning the quick cuts and scenes, titles, etc).  And titles need to be over the top motion as well.  Fake awards

The story is about the fear of the unknown but the necessity of exploration.  

The tale is of breaking free, and that is the entire story.

Highlight scenes, including fast paced trains etc are places like Barcelona, safaris, different cultures.

I envision a quick sequence until thunderous music, followed by voice over segments and titles.  It needs to keep the audiences attention.  And then … it stops suddenly.  Comes up to me sitting (CAM-ONE) smiling.  Utter something simple like … the adventure begins this December.  And wink.  Make that part super-connected.

That cuts to a movie like details screen for the 20 seconds.  Which actually has real details on top.

So yes, this needs to be super-scripted and planned.  It’s a production.


(Looking a lot like a voice-over expert … and smile to the camera at the end)

In a world where your life is no longer your own …

(bum-bum-bum, three quick shots under sounds only – shots of Barcelona, airplanes, something else.  Fades to awards screen with music coming up underneath, building) only the daring thrive.  Those who take the risks no one else dares.

(music builds under quick shots of travel interspersed with production logos and based on a real story)  

An adventure like no other.  

Challenging those who dare brave the worlds borders.  

Who fight for their very survival.

(music continues to build under quicker succession of shots, getting quicker and quick under transition thumps, then silence, cut to CAM-ONE shot of me smiling.  Coming this December.  (wink)

(thummmmm!, quick movie trailer credit thing, with the repeat of coming December 1st.  Fade to black and then desk camera)

Yea, yea, I know.  Kinda dramatic.  But it’s how I feel about this big secret of mine.

And that secret is that I’m walking away from a normal life and taking some pretty damn big chances.  The kind of chances that could either mean long-term happiness.  Or a failure I might not easily bounce back from.  And that’s not drama.

(cam-two, extremely intimate, directly shot)

Here’s the scoop … I’m quitting my job … technically taking a sabbatical, works doesn’t know it just yet … and we’re going to travel around the globe.  For an entire year.

Yes, while covid still thrives.  Yes, without income.  And yes, without a real plan.  And with absolutely no guarantees of having  an income or plans when it’s over.  If it gets over.

Riff on burn out and the need to finally pursue what is deep inside.  Now is the time.  It won’t come again.

Riff on starting in San Franscisco and then just heading west, until we head north or south.  With a goal of being in Europe for the spring and summer.  But nothing really solid, except for some places we want to see … at some point.

Riff on how this is going to be the channel.  Taking them along, interacting, experiencing together.  And it won’t be a travel channel.  We’re going to discover what cultures and places FEEL like.

Riff on being scared.  Really scared.  I have enough saved to perhaps retire frugally for a decade, or to blow most of it on this adventure.  I probably won’t have a job when it’s over, and no guarantees of income.  Why do it then?

Riff on it not being a choice.


This is actually the real start of travel.  As soon as we’re about to leave.  Include all of the planning and the initial steps.  Flipping to S2!  Up until now I should have just been hinting.  (Mention all of the travel emory videos).  This exposes all, and the next video will be doing the deed.

PUSH THE FEAR ANGLE because I’m quitting.  Really dig deep into emotions.  

And this is called THE PIVOT.

The Official Story

  • Not expats, not RTW, but Wandering Nomads.  Taking a sabbatical year plus from life’s normalcy with no real destination in sight.  While we are in the prime of our years.  No end game, just being free.  Seeking knowledge, wisdom, adventure.  Sharing every facet and encouraging others to take and shape into their own lives, whatever it may look like.
  • The end goal is to work our asses off this year in order to make this a full-time thing.  Or at the very least, make enough progress to risk a second year.

Initial secret reveal, mostly about the why and where, just touch on some of the finer details.  The new name, keeping the old LLC and most of the programming.  Excitement.  Bring the audience along.  Mostly teasers.

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