Here’s a fun recipe for you.  Take equal parts crabby boyfriend, dead cell phone batteries, no reservations, and a deep need for sleep.  Combine them into a late night bowl.  Stir, fold, and try to make something edible out of it.  Oh, and don’t forget to use your lifelines, they’re going to come in handy!

This dear friends is the story of getting lost, overcoming bad attitudes, desperation, and having breakfast with chain-smoking Frenchmen in a Grand Prix themed cafe.

Château de Chambord, Centre-Val de Loire, France

Completed in 1547 … and yes Dear Americans, a few hundred years BEFORE our country was even contemplated … this 440 room, 282 fireplace, and 84 staircase “Hunting Lodge” was built for King Francis I.


The tale of an argument leading to dead phones, no data, and a 3000 mile lifeline trying to find a hotel before we pass it.  Le Mans. Make it semi-funny and also about problem solving when filled with semi-fear and doom in a foreign country.  Don’t forget about the ding on the computer as we were standing there trying to convince we had a reservation.

The story-story is basically humor and entertainment, but also a lesson in communication.  And exposure to me and the fact that I need to learn something every day.  I see this as using the description as a leading hook.  Fun French music underneath throughout.  It’s a short video, just a travel take in three minutes or so.

I see me being very upbeat and funny.  A little self-deprecating, but in a good way.  Intro is a “PICTURE THE SCENE”.  Lots of lovely countryside, castles, and a grumpy dude who is having a moment of impatience.  Describe the place in great detail, or as little as I saw of the 440 rooms.  The joy of wandering 84 separate staircases looking for Nikki.  Can’t leave because I can’t get back in.  No battery in either of our phones.  Not a great start to an unplanned wander.

Then later, the after-dark quest for a hotel.  In central France where everything closes ten minutes before you get there.  No data, only cell service.  Using Brandy as our lifeline.  Passing exits as she finds options.  Trying to figure out the best lead time.  Finally landing in Le Mans.  And the “You don’t have a reservation” until the ding moment.

The wrap up being … it’s still good to travel without a plan.  Just charge your cell phones.  Don’t be a party pooper.  A little research won’t kill ya.  And don’t forget to phone a friend.

Pitch the Strasbourg video.

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