What does one do when a global lockdown prevents ordinary travel?  Travel via Amazon Grocery, that’s what!  So today we’re visiting Scotland, Spain, and the UK.  (And yes, I know that Scotland is somehow in the UK, but I’m an American, forgive me).


All using CAM-ONE.  Set the table with a cloth and candle.  Wine glass.  Actually show me setting the table before the hook.  Quickly, of course.

Basically introduce each item and the country and do tasting notes.  Maybe some b-roll of the country of item to support the scene.  Write down some possibilities beforehand.

I’m thinking the thumbnail could be like the screaming one, only greenish and me puking into a bucket.


📍  Can one travel internationally in a can?  Does haggis taste like I think it does?  

All of that and more, in under three minutes!


Yes, dear viewers, it’s another three minute video.  Which I’m sure will last longer than three minutes.

And today? … Well, today we’re eating the world.  Out of a can or some other pre-packaged container that is.  Scottish Haggis, Baby Eels, and something called Spotted Dick?

  • They’re a pale, 3-inch-long, worm-shaped seafood that happens to be a Basque delicacy

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  1. I had previously tried two of these three items, so I wasn’t entirely in the dark flavor-wise. And I actually love baby eels in olive squeezings. They’re hard to find outside of Spain and Portugal. (You can get them in restaurants in those fine countries!). But the haggis? That was something new. 🙂

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