I was asked last night what I was working on next, vis-à-vis my YouTube channel. And instead of just reciting the title of the next video, I launched into a diatribe instead. Why? Because context matters.

Skip to this morning, where at 6am-and-change my brain went into busy beaver mode. So while not sleeping I instead recited an even longer version of the answer to the original question. And it made so much sense to my (then) uncaffeinated brain that I decided to expound on that answer here.

For you see, my next video is everything. That proverbial moment in time that can change everything.

For those who have followed along up until this point, you know how I’ve been struggling to find a niche. To pick a single topic for the channel and run with it. I picked “travel”, but I don’t want to make travel videos. I’m actually quite adamant about that. In no way shape or form do I want to make travel videos. But before I can explain, I need to describe my influence.

One of the Great Original YouTubers is a guy named Casey Neistat. Like him or hate him, he is unique and a trailblazer. Going on the assumption that someone here doesn’t know who he is … he used to do daily videos about his life in New York City. A filmmaker by trade, he never really made videos about that subject. The city was extremely prominent in his offerings, yet the stories were never about NYC. All of those things were simply characters. Sometimes with their own story to tell. But always presented in relation to a main story, which was always served to you in such a way that you didn’t feel like you were sitting in a junior college lecture hall listening to a single topic.

Casey had the ability to weave all of these seemingly unique ideas into a single entertaining thread. When his video was over, you were simply enlightened just a little bit without knowing that you were enlightened. You thought you had just been entertained. And that is what my next video is all about.

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To put this into concrete context … my next video is about finding the perfect beignet in New Orleans. Only it’s not about fried dough. Nor is it about NOLA. They are but characters. Major characters, sure, but the story isn’t about them. It’s about combining travel and volunteerism. But I can’t simply do five minutes on just that, no one would watch. So I need to weave multiple characters and sub-stories into a single three-part-narrative tale that leaves the viewer entertained … and ultimately enlightened.

I’ve never really done this before. I’ve practiced in a studio setting, sure. But being out in a place, exploring and creating and ultimately building THE STORY? Nope. You see, this is what I want to do several times a week going forward. And it all starts with what I do next. I need to learn how to create multiple characters out of what’s around me and form them into something cohesive and desirable.

I’m actually really looking forward to this. Almost as much as I’m dreading it. LOL! For you see I know that it won’t be my best work. I’ve got the “studio thing” down. Location stuff? Not yet. There is a big learning curve I need to pass through first. But it’s that journey that forms the ‘why’ of why I’m doing this in the first place.

So yea … that’s what my next video is all about. Beignets. 🙂

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