Hey Fellow Wanderers, Rick here with yet another weekend recap!

Well actually, an early weekend recap.  Why?  Because we’re on our way to Louisiana!  Again, why?  Mostly to volunteer after Hurricane Ida had her way there.  But we’re also going to spend a couple of days in New Orleans, which we’re told didn’t get hit as bad.  The goal … besides helping others … is to make a couple of videos about the experience.  Both are going to have the theme of “Volunteer Travel”, although one is also going to highlight a favorite part of NOLA.

This is going to be interesting (to me) because it’s the first real time I will be doing a ‘travel-travel’ video.  Everything since I swapped into this niche has been studio-only.  And now I finally get to actually go outside and play!  I know it sounds silly, but it’s like driving a Barbie Car with half a battery and then suddenly getting into a Porsche.  Semi-same skills but quite a different automotive experience.  🙂  And I’m really looking forward to trying my hand at something new.

The working titles of the NOLA Videos are:

In Search of the PERFECT Beignet in NEW ORLEANS
MAKE A DIFFERENCE! ✈️Tourism That Matters (Be a Volunteer)

Speaking of new … I got a new toy!  A drone!  A Mavic Mini 2, to be very specific.  I honestly don’t know when I’ll need it, but at some point I’m going to be making a story and say “I wish I could get an aerial shot of this” … and I’ll be ready!  Or at least that’s what I told myself when I clicked the purchase button.  I’ve only done a few test flights so far, but it’s going to be a lot of fun.  Hopefully I won’t crash it into the Everglades before I get a chance to use it elsewhere.  LOL!


Videos, Videos, Videos!

OK, technically this was released the week before but I had already pre-written that week’s recap … you know, I’m not going to explain my propensity towards over-planning.  LOL!  This was a video long in the making.  Explaining how we can afford long term and extensive travel.  And now that the world is slowly re-opening, I hope my experiences can help you a little bit.

Oh, and somewhere around the 4 minute mark there is this mysterious bell sound.  I didn’t put it there.  It’s not in the timeline of my edit.  My software just decided to put a ding at that spot.  Makes me wonder what else it’s hiding from me.  Subliminal messages?  Oh, and see if you can spot the “oops, I forgot to delete that part of the title”.  That’s the sad part of YouTube … once a video is released into the wild, you can’t edit mistakes away.

Can You AFFORD Extended TRAVEL? 🌎  (Hint: We Found a Way!)



I know that most of you probably care more about the main channel than the new one about my creative journey, but for me it’s actually a close tie.  I love travel and making videos about it.  But I also love just making videos.  The whole Content Creator scene is intoxicating to me.  And here’s the thing … I have no real desire to see this second channel grow and become something.  It’s more personal.  It feels like I’m talking to a small group of folks on a similar journey.  So in case you’re wondering why these videos pop up alongside the travel ones on social media … it’s because it feeds my passion.  And if you can get something from them, even as a non-YouTuber, that’s even better.



So with that .. as always be happy, healthy, and we’ll see you soon!

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