Hey Fellow Wanderers, Rick here with your weekend recap.

Work (as in work-work) is proving to be a bit of a pain to break away from.  I had originally put in my notice for November 30th but I got talked into staying part-time through January.  What does that do to the “Adventure”, you ask?  Well, it helps actually.  Something (breaking news to be released soon) is joyfully taking over my January now anyway, so why not earn a few shekels while I’m still in the states?  But never fear, I won’t be stuck in Miami and I *will* have opportunity to make lots of videos from where I’ll be.  (Intrigued yet as to what January holds in store for me?  LOL!)

I made another guest appearance on 2ndAct TV (Thanks Silke!).  It was a really fun one to do!  A little behind the scenes … Silke usually talks me through the subjects quite well before we film, and perhaps she did this time as well.  But I was suffering from brain fog and every question seemed brand new to me.  LOL!  So you get to see me staring at the ceiling quite often trying like hell to come up with something both on-topic and semi-insightful on the fly.  Thank goodness Silke edited that down.  🙂

Life after 50: Choosing Risk or Regret? The Top 5 Regrets People Have at the End of Life!

Speaking of the 305 … I was asked the other day if I would include Miami as a stop during my round-the-world travel (returning ‘home’ every now and again) and that answer was a firm NO.  I have zero desire to come back here.  Maybe when we’re done, but this suburban existence really has no part in my journey.  Why am I telling you this?  Because I want to impress upon everyone the seriousness of this unserious business.  (And I want to get it off my chest  LOL!).  I’m honestly afraid that Miami would dry up the trip and I would fall back into the disuse of life if I dared to show up here before the adventure is complete. So no, the journey is ever-forward.  Sorry Miami.

Aaaaand finally … I’ll be semi out-of-pocket the week of October 8th through the 16th.  Yes, I’ll be making videos.  No, they won’t get released until a few days after I return.  Why?  Because there isn’t much in the way of internet in Houma Louisiana.  Why will I be there?  Volunteering after Hurricane Ida.  (I almost typed Irma, damn PTSD).  We’re going up to spend a week helping out (reason one) and I also want to try to make a longer(ish) video on how folks can and should incorporate community in their travels.  Helping those out where you land helps you to get to know the culture and people so much better, plus it helps them as well.  Super win-win.  So stay tuned for some videos on New Orleans and Houma later in October!


Videos, Videos, Videos!

Keeping on the “Let’s Travel And Work From Elsewhere” theme, I dropped a video on Monday called CAN YOU REMOTE WORK FROM SPAIN? 🇪🇸 (SPOILER ALERT: OH YEA!).  And yea, I thought the flag was a nice touch.  LOL!  It’s about why I think that Spain is the best country to remote work … obviously.  And I’ll spoil it for you now, it’s the time difference.  Six hours into the future of US east coasters and it really, really works.


And just as a teaser, here are the rough titles for the next couple of videos:


(Break Free!) 7 Steps – Be a MORE HORRIBLE TRAVELER (and Person!)


Blog Posts!  Woot!

A Lesson Learned Once In Germany (And Now Semi-Forgotten)

I read a Facebook Memory which triggered a lot of self-reflection about life and my future.  And it kinda disturbed me.  But with disturbation (and yes I made up that word) comes inspiration.  And as I typed those words, I knew that I had to do more than just opine.  I had to act.

Annnnd … the website got a minor re-grooming, complete with a new blog post about my beloved Barcelona.  It’s interesting because so many plans are a’changing as to how this new round-the-world journey is going to start.  But it will always contain (and probably eventually end) in Barcelona.

Is BARCELONA The Greatest City Ever? (We Think So!)


And that my friends, is a wrap.  The clock, she is a ticking towards however this latest adventure starts.  (Actually I know at least that much, I just purchased one-way tickets to Oakland to visit family for Xmas and the New Year).  So until next week, be healthy, be happy, and we’ll see you soon.

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