When I first started YouTube I was “The Pirate Wanderer”. My plan was to travel and share my experiences. Alas, between covid preventing that and my needing to try something I could do from home … it never happened. I first thought of being “Chef Rick” and cooking. Twasn’t exactly a success. Tried a few other things and then I became “Relationship Rick”, which kind of took off for a little bit. (Mostly because I wrangled a collaboration with a successful channel that does that very thing). And then I finally settled on “Life after 50”. And have since semi-enjoyed a very minor role in the YouTube ecosystem as just that.

But when circumstances came together and I decided to pull the plug on everything and start traveling the world, that original idea came rushing back. I was going to be a Travel YouTuber! And so I started the transition … and my entire online presence flat-lined.

Now here’s the thing … and I realize this is a bit ego-driven … my stuff is pretty good. Video production quality is top-notch. My channel presentation is as well. I have all of the ancillary pieces-parts feeding it, I write blogs, and I think I tell a decent story. Others have said so as well. I’m running a very high quality enterprise … and yet, my numbers are dropping.

Now aside from the fact that this is very demoralizing …allow me to repeat that, very demoralizing … I need to understand what’s happening. And the conclusion I’ve come to is I’m in a transitional period. Not unlike starting a brand new channel. All of my 643 … er, make that 641 now … subscribers signed up for a relationship/lifestyle over a certain age offering. They’re simply not watching travel content. And YouTube hasn’t recognized my switch, or they don’t yet know what to do with me. Because as of now, I’m 100% into the new format.

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The difficult part is it’s the same channel to me. I fire up the camera the same way. Do all of the production stuff as usual. And yet the results are exactly the same as they were back in October of 2019. Which is to say … nil. There is a huge disconnect in my mind. (Perhaps in those that followed me for a certain content as well). I have to remind myself that for most folks, including the Mighty YouTube Mothership, I am a new channel. Same host, but what I’m selling is a complete unknown.

It’s going to be hard, this remembering that I’m essentially starting from scratch and that I must set my expectations as such. Sure there are folks in those 641 … let me check, yup still 641 … subscribers who signed up because they like ‘me’. But I’m going to be building a brand new viewer base. YouTube is going to have to see the change in my direction and decide what to do with me as well. And all of that is (sadly) going to take time.

Man, I wish I was blessed with patience.

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