Who Is Most Likely to Be SEXUALLY SATISFIED? Is It Really A Contest?

I found a really fun article comparing sexual satisfaction between the, ahem, sexes. Wanna know who “comes out on top”?


Hey everybody, I’m Rick and this is Mastering The Second Half. Today? More sex! Or less. Depends on your category and gender, I suppose.

OK, let’s set the table. This was a german study (and where I find these things is almost beyond me) … a study of 964 couples in a variety of sexual categories. So let’s start a running scoreboard and peek into a few of them.

Sexual Satisfaction vs. Sexual Distress

Couples were asked how much they were satisfied with their sex life, and how much they were distressed by their sexual problems. Rated on a scale of 0 to 100 and broken down by “older vs younger” and “men vs women”.

The most satisfied? Women! (Update scoreboard 1-0). And to qualify that, younger women were actually more satisfied than older women. Kinda the same with men, younger men were happier. Which leaves older guys like me …. sigh … we were in last place.

Why? They noted that women and younger people also reported the highest levels of sexual communication with their partner. Maybe there’s something about talking and having better sex, hmmm?

As far as sexual distress? Men reported higher, especially older men. It really sucks to be us. So another point for the ladies. (Update scoreboard 2-0).

Frequency of Sex

Now this category included partnered sex as well as solo masturbation, and went from “never” to “five times a week and more”. Both of which are kinda unfathomable extremes to me.

Women, on average, tended to initiate sex less often and wanted less sex than men. So as a result, men had less sex than they desired. By the way ladies, men’s sexual satisfaction was highest when sexual activity was equally initiated by both partners. An upcoming video to be sure.

Thus men were at the mercy of the opposite sex. So, I’m going to give this one to the guy’s team. (Update scoreboard 2-1).

Sexual Functioning

For starters, as expected, sexual functioning was much higher in younger than older individuals. Age sometimes is not our friend.

Men were more likely than women to be sexually distressed because of their partner’s lack of sexual arousal. Women were not so much distressed by their partner’s actual sexual problems (ED) but by his own distress about his sexual problems.

To reword that, for both women and men who experienced sexual issues, their levels of satisfaction were independent of their partner’s ability. That is, they were more upset with their own failures than with their partner’s.

Not sure how to score this one. I want to take a point off each, but the topic already hurts. So we’ll leave them. Ladies are still in the lead. (Show scoreboard 2-1, buzzer).


Here’s a sad statistic … men, on average, take 4 minutes from the point of entry until ejaculation. Women usually take around 10 to 11 minutes to reach orgasm. A bit of a timing issue. I’m actually going to take away a point from the men for this. Guys … you can do better. 4 minutes? Really? (Update 2-0 buzzer)

75% of men say they always have an orgasm, as opposed to 26% of the women. So I gotta give the point back I suppose. Orgasms are pleasurable. Orgasms are satisfying. (Update 2-1 ding).

And by the way, there is a huge difference in perception here. Men believed that their partners reached orgasm almost half of the time. As opposed to reality … which was half of that.

OK, I found plenty more things … so hold tight for some really fun facts here in a second, but basically I discovered that I could cherry pick studies everywhere and make whichever side I wanted “win”. But honestly, we’re talking couples and this isn’t the Super Bowl. The winner should be the couple.

So talk, communicate, experiment, and grow. Ladies … take turns asking “tonight?”. Men … work on your longevity. And here’s a homework assignment … why wait for tonight?

Fun Facts

OK, just a few fun facts before we wrap this up:

  • Nuns do a better job of fulfilling their vows of chastity than priests. 62% of priests admitted to sexual activity, compared to 49% of nuns.
  • According to WebMD, 2/3’s of men report that they masturbate, although half of them report feeling guilty. Me personally, no guilt whatsoever. TMI, I know. Women? 40% say they masturbate. I’m seriously questioning this one, I would have thought much higher. 60% versus 40?
  • And … People who rarely go to church have 31 percent more sex than people who regularly go to church. Just going to leave that one right there.

And with that … be healthy (sexually and otherwise), happy, and we’ll see you soon.


This was actually incredibly fun to do. Far more so than when I scripted it. Might need a Battle Royal II.

0:00 The Game’s Afoot!
0:52 Sexually Satisfied / Distressed
2:17 Sexual Frequency
3:23 Sexual Functioning
4:30 Orgasms
6:15 Fun Facts About Sex
7:43 Dammit!



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