I get it, you’re a YouTuber. Or a Podcaster. You don’t have time to deal with a website, you tell yourself over and over. You’re busy creating elsewhere. And besides, you don’t know anything about writing code.

BUT! That’s actually all untrue.  You do need a website!  And it’s easy to do.

  • You’re creating on many platforms, but where can your audience and community see everything you do, all in one place?
  • YouTube and other sites technically “own” your content. What happens if they decide that it (or you) needs to go? On a website, you own the content and have complete control over it.
  • Google and other search engines will list your website AND your content platforms, so having a web presence gives you twice the visibility. Plus you can run your own ads on your web pages!

The very site you’re looking at is just such an example.  It consolidates my YouTube channels, Instagram and Twitter feeds, my Blog Posts, and allows me to monetize everything via Google Ads.  It gives me a place to list merchandise, provide additional information about me and my brand, and so much more.  Wouldn’t you like to have the same for your audience?

FREE Plugin For YouTube Creators!

We have a free WordPress Plugin that allows you to display statistics on your website. List your subscriber and view counts, plus the number of videos produced … from all of your channels. All with a simple shortcode.


Do You Already Have Your Own WordPress Site?
But maybe don’t have the time (or knowledge) to maintain it? Don’t worry, it’s not a crime. But as easy as WordPress is, you do need to keep an eye on software and security updates, and make sure everything continues to work well. Otherwise one day, it simply won’t work the way you expect. So you can either do your own maintenance, or have someone else change the fluids for you. And that’s where I come in. I can be your Webmaster and watch over the technical details for you.

Do You Want A NEW Website?
I can build one for you, and it’s very simple. (Or very hard, depending on what you want.  😄). Wordpress uses something called ‘Themes’. It’s basically everything you see, like decorating a room. And you can pick any one of thousands you want to use. (Many are free!). I can host your site, with your own domain name (yourdomain.com), and install and maintain your theme and overall presence. Or if you already have a hosting plan elsewhere, I can update and maintain your WordPress site there as well.

Do You Want To Be Completely HANDS OFF?
In addition to everything above, I can handle everything for you.  All you need to do is email me whatever you want posted and I’ll make sure it gets where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.  Want an ecommerce store but don’t want to manage the product details?  There are so many options and actions you can take with your site, and I can handle 99% of them for you, as you.

Do You Want Something Completely CUSTOM?
A lot of folks want a web presence that is uniquely them. They have exacting requirements that can only be obtained with coding. Well if that’s you, you’re in luck. Because I’m a software developer. I can create custom plugins that extend your website’s functionality. If you can dream it, I can build it.

Email me at rickhiggins.com for more information and to get the discussion going!

Plans and Pricing

Please contact me at rickhiggins.com for more details!


Oversight and Maintenance
$ 29
/ month

Care and maintenance of your existing WordPress website, including security updates, monitoring, and performance checks


$ 49
/ month
$ 199
/ one time fee

Everything in the webmaster package, plus hosting, domain name acquisition, and initial setup of a basic WordPress site *


$ 35
/ hour

You send it, we’ll publish it.  Stories, posts, images, videos, you name it.  

Custom WordPress programming, plugins, and other unique design and development is also available at the hourly rate of $79/hour. Specifics vary by project.  Please contact me at rick@rickhiggins.com for more details!

* Customization of look and feel and other functionality outside of an installed theme may require additional costs. Details will be provided and agreed upon before work starts.



OK, you’re interested. But what exactly do you get with each service? Where are the “gotchas” and the “I forgot to mentions”? Well, everything is here, so you won’t be surprised.


For your WordPress website, I will monitor its performance and functionality each and every day to ensure the highest possible level of uptime and viewer experience. And if you’ll allow me permission, I will communicate any and all issues I find with your hosting company. In addition, once a week I will check for updates on your base WordPress software, plugins, and theme, update them as necessary, and ensure your site continues to work as expected afterward. Plus I will communicate with you every week as to the health and status of your site, along with any recommendations as to how to improve the experience.

The $29/month fee will be invoiced monthly through PayPal.


In addition to performing the WEBMASTER services above, I will obtain (or transfer) your domain name to my servers and create a custom WordPress website for you using any theme you select. (If it’s not a free theme, you will be responsible for its purchase). I will also spend an hour (plus) over Zoom showing you how to use the publishing tools and helping you create your initial presence.

In many instances, certain custom functionality may be desired. These are usually handled by installing “plugins”, which are small snippets of code that do things like integrate with mailing lists, display YouTube videos, etc. For smaller plugins and integration, this will be included in the initial setup fee. However, for larger or multiple plugins, time spent in installing and setting up will be billed at $35/hour, in quarter hour increments. Pricing estimates will be made before work is started.

I use GoDaddy as a hosting provider and ultimately am reliant on them to provide domain and hosting services. As your hosting provider, I will work with their technical staff on all issues and questions, but because they are the top tier provider there are a number of things that I must rely on them to do. This includes backup of your site, up-time, and connectivity. But the HOSTING service means you won’t ever have to deal with their customer or technical service.

The $49/month fee will be invoiced monthly.  The initial setup fee will be invoiced upon site completion.


A large problem Content Creators have is a lack of time. They have the hours to create, but not to publish. And yet, they want their content published on their website (and social media networks). So what happens is when push comes to shove, they ignore the final dissemination of content.  Well, that’s what this service is all about.

The care and publishing of your content. Be it blog posts, stories, images, photos, videos, or announcements … you send me the content with publishing instructions (time, style, etc) and I will ensure it gets on your website correctly and when you want it posted. And if you have a custom home page like I do, I will also manage its layout and content.

In addition, should you need custom pages for specific items (like “About Me” pages, categories, ecommerce shops, etc), I can also create and publish those as well. 

The $35/hour fee is billable in quarter hour segments and will be invoiced monthly.

Perhaps You Want Something Really Special

Then custom development is exactly what you need, and we’ve got you covered there as well!


There are a large number of plugins for WordPress which allow you to extend functionality beyond a basic web presence.  But when you need something truly custom that exactly matches your business needs, we can create exactly what you desire.


Are you a growing creator and need to outsource your technology management beyond what your individual resources are providing?  Do you need assistance in developing technical plans and architecture?   We got you covered!


Perhaps you need something truly custom, beyond what WordPress can offer you.  I have created web applications for many S&P 500 clients, and I can create yours as well.

Custom development, design, and technical management is available starting at $79/hour. Specifics vary by project.  Please contact me at rick@rickhiggins.com for more details!

Still Not Convinced?

Here’s a video from our second channel “A CREATORS JOURNEY with Rick Higgins” which helps explain the best parts of having your own website.  Don’t feel like watching?  Here are the big three:

  • You control the content. Everything on your site is available to you at anytime and you have complete control over how it’s displayed, when and where.

  • You can centralize your multiple creatives. Say you have a YouTube channel and a podcast … on your website you can lace them together and show your audience the entirety of your creativity. And like Grand Central Station, you can have a central point to send them to all of your offerings.

  • And you can also use your website as another creative outlet. A place to host your blog so you can share your thoughts. Your photography or other hobbies. Your life. It’s yours to do with as you please, and you’re not limited to “niche”. Your website is your world to define.