OK, so not every week is Jetsons-level quality. (And I have no idea what that means, I’m still on my first cup of coffee. The week before was out and about volunteering in Louisiana. I have no idea what happened last week. It was a blur of sameness that passed before it started. But, I do have some thoughts as we pass into the next 1/52nd of the year.

I did manage to make two videos, neither of which were really intended for you (assuming I’m guessing who you are). When I had my Channel Audit the other week it was suggested that I create both a short and long form video to sell me and the channel. A deep(er) dive into those on the fence about subscribing so they could get to know me a little better, and my (hopefully safe and entertaining) intentions. Both of those videos are up, ready to start capturing new Wanderers like us.

We did get one bit of good news in the mail. Yes, the actual mail. The US Government actually managed to send Nikki her passport in something resembling acceptable time. We were kinda worried that it would be more like January/February and we would have to start our journey in the states. But now?

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OK, I know that I’m still Miami-based, but we do have plane tickets and real plans. Wanna hear about them? December 14th will find us in San Francisco / Oakland / Bay Area until January 3rd. Nikki’s family is out there and Xmas/new Years will be spent with them. And yes, I’ve got a few video ideas for the area, including a collaboration with another YouTuber. Then from the 3rd until January 31st we’ll be in Richmond Virginia. Why? Because my daughter is having a baby! My first grandson, to be specific. And we want to be there to help out during that first hectic month.

And then …. 🙂

Well, now that we have passports (and an aversion to cold weather), we’re starting the Round-The-World trip in Costa Rica! Pura vida! We want to hit all four corners. Caribbean and Pacific beaches. Mountains and volcanoes. All of it. I’m thinking that Costa Rica is going to make for some great video and experiences for both you and I. No specific details quite yet, and truth be told there probably won’t be until we get much, much closer. (Like within days of the event). So there ya go. Our first almost-cast-in-stone beginning.

After that? No idea. Lots of possibilities. And in the meantime I’ve got a few more “Studio” videos coming out. This week I’m going to hark back to a travel memory in the middle of France where I wasn’t exactly at my best. But … spoiler alert … it didn’t turn out that bad. LOL!

So until next week … be happy, be healthy, and we’ll see you soon!

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