I’m trying to be positive, but that burn out thing wasn’t just a storyline. When I took two weeks off and stayed away from “work work”, I got to the point where I started feeling better. Was more interested in creation. (And personal hygiene). Now I’m back and … well, I’m back. I’m struggling to have desire to make videos. Every non-step forwards feels like ten back. But this time is different. Instead of feeling vaguely homicidal towards certain work people, I just feel nothing.

I wrote a blog post the other day, and it felt good to create. But I also didn’t have to shower, turn on studio lights, etc. I knew that I only had to devote an hour and viola. I’ve been sitting on a video script for almost a week now, and just can’t seem to wrap my head around doing it and “work work” in the same week. Life is again on a roller coaster that isn’t moving.

So … it’s time to fix this, as it’s only me who can. Starting with a keystone habit that I must religiously start adhering to. When the creative juices are flowing, I’m happy. Creativity begets creativity. I made a decision to Break Free … it’s time to take another step in that direction.

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