You CAN’T MAKE ME Exercise and Eat Better! (ft. Nick Lituanio)


I have a new friend. His name is Nick. Nick likes exercise. Don’t be like Nick.

So … Nick. He works out. He’s “active”. And the other day he started asking me questions … and telling me things. About movement, ultra processed foods, and choices.

And apparently, my age has something to to with it as well.

I’m starting to really not like Nick.

Nick Lituanio
Act Your Age – Go Do Stuff

Nick joins us again to discuss health, exercise, diet, and especially motivation. All geared towards a 50+ man who really needs to hear what he has to say.


Actually, this wasn’t even planned. We were talking about retirement and I just started asking questions. And Nick was kind enough to answer. Because, it’s actually important.



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